Florencia Bohtlingk

The Hogar Collection is pleased to announce the inaugural exhibition of its new gallery space with the first New York Solo exhibition by Florencia Bohtlingk. The argentine painter will present new works that explore themes of nature, primal life and the harmonious habitations of people and their environment.Using a rich and wide palette, her work explodes with a vibrancy that is echoed with pulsating and reverberating brush strokes. Her paintings exist in a place that is reminiscent of Rousseau and the 60 psychedelic. Using as a starting point, terra incognita, an antiquated term once used in cartography and exploration referring to unknown territory, her work quite literally and metaphorically delves into this idea and depicts the landscape and the inhabitants there . Living and working between Buenos Aires and Misiones, a region deep in the jungle north on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, her paintings truly reflect a way of life that although is now in chartered territory is a way of life that is almost completely forgotten. The idea of reverting back to a sense of primal understanding, living with the earth, taking of your clothes and submerging ourselves into a world of nothing but that of primal existence; is alive in her robust landscapes and portraits. Accepting the wild and re-learning how to synthesize with it, is a proposition that now more than ever ,speaks to a dire need for a compassionate co-habitation with natural world.


Todd Rosenbaum

New York ,2007