Florencia Bohtlingk



Florencia called me on the phone and asked me to delve into her pictorial world and render it writing.

Florencia tells me about the graffiti and the layering. I see the pleasure of painting, the softness of oil and the secrets of the earth.

Veinte años junto a ellas (Twenty years with them) bears the energy of the biologist throwing himself into mystery, a lifetime’s research deep in the folds of a leaf. The light of opposites, the water’s current and its shores. There is also geometry, positions, choice of what is near and what is far, and a lot of drawing.

I look at El colono (The Settler) and I think: Flor and Matisse understand each other though she paints the outside that is inside, deep inside, the world, the world’s wallpaper. Because her paintings are dedicated, branched out, stretched inside.

I see and I hear the movement, the image and the sensuality of the brush.

Triangle and horizon, full and harmonious painting. Are these the elixirs of some glorious plant?

There is also documentation of a virgin story, a detailed journey to a natural, minute and astonishingly pictorial world; there are plants, animals, men who perfectly fit into our fabulous habitat, earth, water, air and the shine of fire. Where do such bright colors come from? Might they be the earth’s formulas that are only revealed to our painter, like a clairvoyant, so that she can give them over to us in her bewitched painting?


Cecilia Biagini, New York

October 2009